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Helping people is a religion...

Team member of KPMG Tigers Team 2

688.61km of 125km
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$115.33 raised
from 7 donors
Goal of $100.00
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$700.00 raised
from 11 donors
Goal of $700.00
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donated $10.20

Congrats on reaching your goal!

Team Sia
donated $10.60

Review note 2: Seems like there are elements of estimates, please do up mandatory estimates workpaper. #pleasefix

Team Sia
donated $10.60

Review note: have you considered the trip back? Why did you only account for 1 leg of the entry? #pleasefix

Team Sia
donated $10.60

Hey Mal! The nearest famous nasi lemak at Changi Village is 2.6km from ALH. You will be able to clock 5.3K steps assuming 2 steps for every 1m. Ex: Google maps CC: Computation checked

Pooja Grover
donated $15.00

Pui Kwan
donated $25.00

The world will shine brightly because of you. 让世界因为妳的存在变得闪亮.

Sanjay Rohatgi
donated $33.33

Great cause KPMG Tigers

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