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I will do my best, never give up!
4948m of 3776m
Individual Fund Raised Amount
$2,400.00 raised
from 24 donors
Goal of $5,000.00
Siau Ek Jin's Supporters

Chan Se Sam
donated $50.00

You are an inspiration! Keep shining for Jesus!

Chin Swee Tin
donated $100.00

Ek Jin, I am so proud of your achievement. Well done!

donated $50.00

加油,Ek Jin ! 我们支持你!

donated $500.00

All the way Ek Jin, like how you would power through the water. You can do it!

Tan Mui Mui
donated $100.00

so proud of U.. Keep going. u will make it Ek Jin!

Siau Ek Hwee
donated $50.00

BIG BRO, keep persevering in pushing yourself to greater heights! :)

Siau King Ing
donated $100.00

Jia you, Ek Jin, you can do it! 💪💪

John Soh
donated $100.00

Keep up your super special attempt !

Lim Seng Poh
donated $50.00

Be brave in the attempt.

Terry Ong
donated $100.00

Go Go Ek Jin! So proud of you!

Irene Ho
donated $100.00

All the best Ek Jin!!

Matthew Lim
donated $50.00

Go Ek Jin Go!!!

Irene Lim Hong Keng
donated $50.00

Be strong and courageous. Jiayou Ek Jin. You can do it.

Coach Jennifer Guna
donated $100.00

Always remember, You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem and SMARTER than you think. Ek Jin 加油!♥️

Catherine Leong
donated $100.00

Hi Ek Jin, you have come a long way. Your perseverance, single-minded is a role model to many people. Not only your family is proud of you, any one of us who know you are too. May your life be a beacon for God to glorify Him too.

donated $50.00

U can do it💪💪💪. God Bless

Norman Koh
donated $50.00

Keep going Ek Jin!

Chia Hung Fong
donated $100.00

Jia you, Ek Jin

Teo Gim Hoon
donated $100.00

Jia You, Ek Jin :) :) :)

Fung Choon Seng
donated $100.00

Ang Lay Hian
donated $100.00

Go! Go! Go! Shine brightly for His sake!

Ang Kok Wah
donated $100.00

Ek Jin, You are the best!!

Ho Yew Keong
donated $100.00

Ek Jin, Jia Yue.

Sim Wang Cheng Jess
donated $100.00

Ek Jin, You have been an encouragement to all of us with your perseverance and determination. May God continues to bless the work His has prepared for you. All the Best!

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